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Many studies show that baby sleeping bags are a better alternative for your baby than baby blankets. A sleeping bag prevents your baby from kicking off the covers during the night, pulling the covers over their head, or sliding down under the blankets. Also sleeping routines can be difficult to maintain when you are away from home.

Poor sleeping can be a source of worry and exhaustion for any parent! In the meantime, imagine how you would sleep better knowing your baby is sleeping happy through the night. With TuoMio Candy dots Baby Sleeping Bag your little angel will feel safe and secure in the familiar comfort. You can cuddle your children to asleep in their bags and then lay them down in their own cot without disturbing them. Sleeping bags from our collection are suitable for babies weighing over 11lb (5kg), but please check that your baby’s head cannot easily pass through the neck hole.


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Buyer’s guide

Sleeping Bags

Newborn 0-3mths Baby 0-6mths Baby 6-18mths Toddler 18mths-4yrs
64cm long 67cm long 87cm long 92-107cm long

3-in-1 Bags

Newborn 0-6mths Baby 6-18mths Toddler 18-3yrs Toddler 3yrs-5yrs
70cm long 90cm long 100cm long 110cm long

What is a TOG Rating and what to wear with baby sleeping bags?

A TOG is the unit measurement of thermal resistance, used to estimate warmth. Most medical experts recommend a sleep environment of 65-70°F. Some babies require fewer layers than others, but we recommend using the sleeping bag in a room with temperature ranging from 67 to 74 degrees.

25 °
High Summer or holidays in hot countries Under 1 tog Sheet Sleeping Bag, Muslin Sleeping Bag Cotton Bodysuit
72F – 77F
22° - 25°
Summer and daytime naps Lightweight 1.5 tog Bag Cotton Bodysuit
68F – 70F
20° - 21°
All year round except warm summer Regular 2.5 tog Bag Cotton Bodysuit
63F – 67F
17° - 19°
All year round except warm summer Regular 2.5 tog Bag Cotton Bodysuit + Sleepsuit
54F - 62F
12° - 16°
Winter Cosy 3.5 tog Bag Cotton Bodysuit + Sleepsuit